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How to Crochet A Lapghan:

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Ekleme Tarihi by Nisa Aslan - Kategori: Weave Models
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Using 2 Caron Cakes to make this 34″ diameter crochet lapghan. The colour shown is Caron Cakes, Cake Pop. Both balls are used at the same time. The trick is to ensure both ball are not starting on the same colour. This is what gives it the unique look. If you follow the center out with your eyes, you will see the colour changes in the yarn balls to be the same but at different points. As the lapghan grows bigger, the shades of colour getting shorter.

There is no cut yarn in this. You can see in some spots where abrupt colour changes have happened. If you prefer not to have that. If you see the change of the colour is happening, cut the yarn and start with the next section using the fresh colour. Therefore, you won’t have any colours end partial ways across any pinwheel area. That’s creativity that I will leave in your hands.

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